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Chiropractor Physical Therapist in Newhall, CA

If you're experiencing limitations of movement from pain, a Newhall, CA, chiropractor physical therapist may help to minimize your pain and restore your strength and balance. At Advanced Health and Wellness Center, patients are our number one priority, and we provide the one-on-one care you require for a life that's as pain-free as possible. Our professional team provides compassionate treatment that's personalized to meet your unique needs.

A Hands-On Approach to Healing

We understand how a chronic condition, acute injury, or the experience of an occasional flare-up of pain can affect your quality of life. We'll work hard to diagnose your condition and treat it at its source. Unlike conventional medical care that prescribes medication, our professionals apply a hands-on approach to gently align your body and restore your freedom of mobility.

If you're tired of living with pain and limited mobility, call our Newhall, CA, chiropractor physical therapist to begin the healing process. Our friendly and caring staff at Advanced Health and Wellness Center provides flexible hours to meet your busy schedule.